‘Big Brother 15’ review: Did GinaMarie, Kaitlin or Aaryn go home?

AarynAfter the MVP paranoia that swept through the “Big Brother” house we were crazy excited to see the looks on their faces when Julie Chen tells them tonight that the MVP nomination was America… or was it revealed at all?

MVP nominations revealed: Aaryn was the first choice by America (no shocker there) but Elissa was actually number 2… not Kaitlin like we thought. While we thought that the MVP twist was going to get dropped this week, Julie informs us that America will be the MVP once again, so the house is still left in the dark over who the MVP was and who it will be this week.

Aaryn fights to stay: Aaryn works over Judd by throwing Kaitlin under the bus, saying that she’s a boss player. She also offers Helen and Elissa a deal that she will throw HOH tonight or that if she does win that she’ll put up whoever Elissa and Helen want. Helen feels that this is a deal that should not be ignored and tells Elissa, but she’s skeptical.

Elissa starts trouble: Elissa tells Kaitlin that the house knows about her alliance in hopes that she can light a fire under her to campaign, but when Aaryn overhears she goes to Helen asking why she’s doing that if they took Aaryn’s deal. When confronted, Elissa lies saying that she didn’t tell Kaitlin anything. A house meeting is called and Kaitlin says (in front of everyone) that Elissa did tell her that their alliance was exposed and that Kaitlin was going to be sent home. Aaryn and Elissa go toe to toe and we have to ask… why is Elissa stirring the pot? Aaryn and Kaitlin are both awful so does it really matter which one leaves this week?

Eviction: While for most of the week the house flip flopped on if they were going to send home Aaryn or Kaitlin tonight, but after Aaryn did some pretty heavy campaigning and Kaitlin did nothing, Kaitlin ended up being unanimously voted out by the house. Aaryn may be hated by everyone, but the fact that she is unlikeable is something that makes her desirable to take to the end (also that she’s pretty useless at winning much of anything besides a HOH that Jeremy threw her.) Kaitlin learns that everyone’s calling Aaryn, GinaMarie the mean girls and Julie called her out on participating in the nasty behavior. She tried to say that she aligned with the wrong people, but Julie really put her in her place with her tough questions (#TeamJulie).

HOH: Speaking of the new HOH, there’s a new one ruling the “Big Brother 15” house. The competition was a skills test where they each had to roll a ball down a ramp and into a roulette wheel and whoever rolls their ball into the highest slot wins the HOH. So who is in power this week? It’s Aaryn of all people…. let’s see if she keeps her deal with Helen and Elissa. If we had to guess, we’d say that she won’t.

Do you think that Kaitlin was the right person for the house to send out? Are you unhappy to see Aaryn in power? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Also if you’re looking for more “Big Brother 15” spoilers? Then be sure to click here and get your fix.

Photo: CBS

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