‘Arrow’ season 2: Stephen Amell, brother Robbie talk crazy Wendesday schedule

ArrowHere’s something that you really don’t have every day: Two shows coming on one night on one network, each starring a different member of the same family. As strange as it may be, though, this is precisely what The CW has cooked up for us courtesy of their Wednesday schedule for this fall. You start things off with “Arrow” and Stephen Amell at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, and then from here, you carry over into the new show “The Tomorrow People” with his cousin Robbie Amell on board.

So what do these two actors have to say about what is this pretty crazy coincidence? In the video below via “Access Hollywood,” you can catch a glimpse of the two explaining how this is going to create a pretty crazy night of television for the two of them. Stephen also explained that he actually was the first of the two parties to find out the news, and he called Robbie right away to tell him that his show was picked up and airing right after his own. (Then, Robbie had to call the next day to ensure that he was not dreaming up the whole thing.)

There’s more of a reason for this schedule than just something the network trying to be cute with having two cousins hanging out on the same night; you also have the common thread that both of these shows are stories about superheroes in some shape or form, and it creates an entire comic-themed night that could play well with a young, male audience, something that the network has tried to get a little more of as of late, and something that they have not really had save for “Supernatural” in some time.

At this point, though, there’s two question: Stephen has the more popular gig of the two, and we know way more about what is coming up on “Arrow” season 2 than the first season of “The Tomorrow People.”

Photo: The CW

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