‘The Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: What’s ahead for Desiree Hartsock, Chris Siegfried?

ChrisAs some of our previous posts and preview videos have probably shown you, Desiree Hartsock is going to dive head-first into some major drama on Monday night’s “Bachelorette” finale (at least the first part of it) over the issue of whether or not Brooks Forester is really going to be ready to commit to being married. So why not stack a little bit more drama on top of that when it comes to Chris Siegfried?

According to the ABC show’s official synopsis, the problem that Desiree finds herself running into with Chris is one that is not so much personal as it is occupational:

“Chris has a major obstacle in his path that he feels he needs to bring up to Desiree before things go any further. His career path is not in Los Angeles, and he will need Desiree to relocate. Will this ultimatum not only put a halt to the evening but also their relationship?”

We’re glad that Chris is bringing this up before he proposes, but isn’t this something that should have been talked about before the hometown dates, when she could have taken someone like Michael Garofola, if she was not willing to move from Los Angeles? What Chris is saying here really proves to us at the same time that he probably is there for the (*cough* cliche coming *cough*) right reasons, since L.A. is where you go if you want to actually live your life as a famous person. This is why Desiree may not be too game to move; when you are a designer, you need press, and where else can an aspiring wedding dress designer get in the national spotlight than in California? Then again, we reckon that she would be a big fish in a much smaller pond (at least in terms of celebrities, and not so much population) in Seattle, whereas there are thousands of designers in Los Angeles and New York.

It’s possible that this moment could be one of the things that Desiree teased recently about the finale; but at the end of the day, we still think that she’s talking about Brooks … mostly because the entire season has really been about him.

Photo: ABC

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