‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: A calendar, a new look for Laura Carmichael

CalendarWho knew that a “Downton Abbey” calendar could be such a valuable source of information on the series? This calendar (which can be purchased or at least pre-ordered in the United Kingdom here) features some of the first real images that we’ve seen of the fourth season, and it is probably the show’s super-secretive nature that really somehow turns this into breaking news.

Just from a sheer fashion perspective, you can tell that there are some pretty interesting new fashion trends playing out with some of the characters as we dive deeper into the 1920s. Laura Carmichael’s Lady Edith easily has the biggest transformation, as the character is showing more skin in the photo attached here than she probably has ever. It’s clearly a different time, and this in turn means different opportunities for characters to change and express themselves. Much to the likely chagrin of Robert, things do not often stay the same within the world.

The presence of color here is also something that cannot be overlooked, and even though Mary is going to be dealing with a period of mourning on this series, it will not remain that way forever as her son starts to age. Thanks to the way in which time on this show is structured, we’re likely not to see much of the first few months of her as a mother at all. (Given that it may just be filled with sadness, that’s probably a good thing.)

The last thing that this calendar proves? That “Downton Abbey” is a merchandising empire in its home country, and everyone wants to escape back to this semi-idealized version of the 1920s and live amongst some of these characters. As bad as some of their problems seem (and some, see Bates, are pretty bad), they still feel less morose than some of what we go through today.

In case you missed it, “Downton Abbey” season 4 production is moving along at a pretty steady pace. As a matter of fact, the show is already starting to film their season 4 Christmas special.

Photo: ITV

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