NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: Dan Harmon explains decision to return

CommunityNo matter where Dan Harmon goes, there is inevitably going to be one question that frequently comes out of the mouth of journalists left and right: Why in the world would he go back to “Community” after everything that unfolded? while this show is his baby, NBC and Sony Pictures TV soured on him for some production reasons, and for the massive Chevy Chase scandal that got very ugly, very quickly. Going back here in many ways is like saying “I want more,” and could be throwing yourself into a pretty volatile situation.

But for whatever reason, Harmon made it clear while at a TCA event today promoting his upcoming Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty” that in his mind, he really saw there being no choice at all but to go back there and fight the good fight yet again:

“If I had not gone back, the worst case scenario was 30 years of wondering. I had to go back … The worst case scenario if I go back is one shi–y season. Who cares?”

Well, we’re pretty sure that the diehard fans of the show are probably going to care if season 5 isn’t any good, but let’s also be honest here: Isn’t it likely that it will at least be just as good as what we saw during season 4? That’s not going to be a hard season to top. We know that this is a guy who tends to make his best work when riddled with anxiety, so given the headlines and Donald Glover’s departure after the first five episodes, we imagine that this could just end up being a source for even greater inspiration. And insanity. Plenty of insanity.

We already have an idea about a few of the episodes that are coming up this season, though that is due mostly to the show’s Comic-Con panel that took place over the weekend.

Photo: NBC

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