‘Big Brother 15’ review: MVP paranoia runs rampant, McCrae’s birthday bash

ElissaJudd is in power this week in the “Big Brother” house and after nominating Kaitlin and Aaryn for elimination, the mood has been tense. What we’ve all been waiting to find out (for those of you not following the live feeds) is who America voted for to be the third nominee, so let’s get to it!

New alliance: Spencer and Howard get in Kaitlin, Judd and GinaMarie’s ears about Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen, saying that the five of them are outsiders and should come together as an alliance to take out the other group. So what’s their alliance name? The young grasshoppers.

Pre-MVP paranoia: Elissa is getting nervous because she hasn’t been called into the diary room and given her weekly MVP reward and is scared that she’ll go up on the block if she doesn’t get it since many people in the house have been counting on her and using her when she gets it.

MVP: We expected to see GinaMarie on the block, maybe even Spencer as the third nominee, but America voted for… Elissa? We wonder if Aaryn was the first choice, but because she was already on the block it went to the next person who was Elissa. So how did she end up on the block after being America’s MVP for three weeks straight? it was likely mix of Elissa haters and some of America not listening to the instructions properly thinking they were voting to give her the MVP power again. Everyone is shocked and completely confused (much like we are.)

Post-MVP paranoia: Elissa feels betrayed because she’s made good connections in the house and immediately thinks that it is either Kaitlin, Aaryn or GinaMarie that put her up. Elissa starts throwing a pity party and wants to go home because she’s tired of being on the block every week, but after a pep talk from Candice she is ready to fight. As for more house paranoia, some people think Elissa put herself on the block to throw everyone off, cause drama in the house and put the target on Aaryn.

McCrae’s birthday: Candice and Howard suggest that Amanda dress up sexy and give him a birthday spanking (where did Amanda get a paddle from?). When Elissa starts telling Amanda that she looks gross and stripper like, Amanda takes off and starts crying. It was pretty surprising to hear those things come out of Elissa’s mouth after all of the hateful comments that have been floating around the house from the mean girls. We really weren’t impressed with that.

The Veto: The players for the Veto are Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa, Helen and McCrae and the challenge this week had the players crawling and searching through mud for ballots (some of them contain rewards or punishments). Who ever has the highest ballot numbers wins. McCrae threw the challenge once he got a ballot with $5000 attached to it, Judd takes a penalty to be put in solitary for 24 hours and Helen takes a penalty of a 8 pm curfew for two nights. In the end Elissa wins the challenge, but she took a penalty which is that she cannot play in the veto next week no matter if she’s on the block or not… probably the worst penalty she could get since she’s on the block practically every week. With Elissa obviously taking herself off the block, who did America chose to go up in her place? It’s GinaMarie… all of the mean girls are on the block.

Were you surprised to see Elissa on the block this week? Did Elissa’s comments about Amanda shock you? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 15”.

Photo: CBS

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