‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: Are Ted and Robin really done?

How I Met Your MotherJust hearing the title above may very well make you groan and want to find something to throw at your TV, regardless of whether or not it is on. Everyone wants to see both Ted and Robin move on and be happy on “How I Met Your Mother,” and the timeline and the narrator both have already informed us that they will not be so long as anything exists between them romantically.

For Robin, it had felt as though this was completely in the past until a pretty shocking incident of hand-holding occurred a little earlier in the year. However, for Ted this has lingered longer than a really bad cold. It’s frustrating for a viewer, but from Ted’s standpoint it’s understandable. He’s a lonely guy, and someone who was clearly hung up on Robin in the same way that many single people do get hung up on their exes. So to see her with someone that he’s going to have to see her with every day may feel like your head getting hit against the wall over and over again.

Now that there’s some perspective, here’s the tease that executive producer and longtime director Pamela Fryman told TV Guide about this story:

“It’s a story that will be explored quite a lot and in-depth.”

This may finally be some explanation for that title “The Broken Code,” which we reported about a couple of weeks ago. Does Barney find out about Ted’s “feelings” (ugh), and then resolve to no longer be bros with the guy who has been his confidante for so long? Given that we’ve already seen the two on the wedding day, we don’t quite imagine that if there is a fight, that it lingers for a long time.

Now, we allow for you an opportunity to get these thoughts about Ted and Robin being together out of your head. If you head over to the link here, you can see some more news about how big of a role time will play in the season.

Photo: CBS

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