‘Psych’ season 8 spoilers: Making Maggie Lawson’s absence ‘work’

PsychPsych” fans, we know that this has to be a scary time. Your favorite show is probably ending on USA next year, and you’re facing the possibility of only a few episodes with Juliet O’Hara. Maggie Lawson’s had to pull double-duty in between this show and her new ABC comedy “Back in the Game,” and that is not always an easy thing to do.

But how has she pulled it off? Let’s get an answer from the master of being able to pull off tricky situations: Show executive producer Steve Franks! Speaking to TVLine, the man responsible for “Psych” confirms that you’re not going to be left with too large a hole in your heart over not seeing much of Julia, mostly because the producers found a way to include her as much as they possibly could:

“We found a fun way to make it work… She’s in a good chunk of the episodes. It certainly creates interesting challenges, but I think we worked our way through it.”

Now, is one of these episodes a series finale? While we haven’t heard anything about it publicly, we know that there’s not enough time for another season in the event that Lawson’s show goes extremely well. So why not tempt fate for a minute and ask this question: Could the show end with a movie? Maybe the gang gets back together next year and shoots one last story to tie together the entire series? We’d be all for it, especially as a fun way to say goodbye to the world of fake Santa Barbara while giving everyone the closure that they want and need.

For now, we just want more “Psych,” but the USA powers-that-be are keeping us waiting until later this year for the musical to arrive in December. Luckily, we do at least have the first trailer for it, which you can watch here.

Photo: USA

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