‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Candice, Amanda, and an ugly mess

Candice StewartNothing seems to really be getting easier on “Big Brother 15” this week, both from the standpoint of conflict, or of being even remotely comprehensible to people trying to watch the feeds. Yesterday was stuffed full of drama, but not necessarily of the great kind where there are some huge drunken fights. Instead, it was mostly small arguments that became heated, all about he said she said he said again sort of squabbles. To think, this is all over what was supposed to be an easy vote this week.

Take, for example, Amanda being pinned as the fall guy (in part by Helen) over the idea of getting Kaitlin out of the house this week, even though Helen was more of the woman running the plan given her deal with Aaryn from a few weeks ago. Amanda, Candice, and Kaitlin all got into an argument last night, and Amanda was also told that Candice was coming after her and McCrae (just like many people are at this point). Also, Amanda started bashing Howard at times through the night when Candice wasn’t around, and this led to us having to hear Elissa criticizing her for it … though she has done the same thing all week.

Elissa and Helen also talked through some of their differences last night, though Rachel’s sister continues to argue that Andy and McCrae have made her into this sort of martyr for being a Christian, which is not remotely the case. The biggest thing to note right now is that there is still some division as to who will leave the house this week, but the majority does seem to be in the “keep Aaryn” camp. Despite many of their moral objections against keeping her in the house, the feeling is that she possesses fewer abilities to actually play the game well and succeed in competitions. As awful as this week has been for “McCranada” (or “McManda,” take your pick), getting rid of the person that they want for the fourth straight week will likely feel like a victory.

Don’t forget that Thursday night’s Head of Household Competition will, if the pattern holds, be endurance … not to mention the possible end of that ridiculous MVP twist once and for all. Check out our other updates to the right or the link here, and we want to hear your thoughts on the craziness of the week below.

Photo: CBS

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