‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 7 review: Who crashed into Emily’s house?

EzraWho would have thought that after a season of “Pretty Little Liars” that was so intent on showing us just a small handful of characters, the ones that would matter most now were the ones that we’ve barely seen or heard from so far this year?

Take, for example, this week’s “Pretty Little Liars MVP” in Ezra Fitz. So far, his role this year has been largely limited to showing up at various places in the school and giving Aria desperate glares for attention. That changed this week, when he actually found himself in a position to help. Mike, the ghost of season 3 who is suddenly important again, found himself in huge trouble thanks to Connor’s car. While it made sense for him to destroy it, he didn’t, and Ezra helped to bail him out. In turn, we consider this a victory for Ezria fans … even if the two are still very far from getting back together.

Or, take a look at exhibit B in the sudden resurgence of one CeCe Drake, whose name was brought up this week for the first time in possibly the entire season, Thanks to Caleb and Toby recreating their own buddy-cop movie, they were able to uncover that she helped to charter the plane that was at the center of the entire fire at the end of last season. Oh, and in the process, we learned the Awkward Airplane Employee Nigel happens to be spending some time with Jenna. Anytime you have someone spending time with Jenna, you know that this ends badly, very badly.

The only thing that ended far worse than this? Seeing that horrific car crash at the very end of the episode, where a car came charging into Emily’s house after a warning from “A.” A pretty direct move from our evil-doer, especially compared to what else we traditionally see.

Some other updates…

-Ashley told Hannah that she will fight any sort of allegations that come her way about Wilden, and there were be no giving in to self-defense or any other charge.

-Toby is starting to figure out that CeCe may have been the blonde woman at Radley, after all, thanks to the new information that is coming in.

-Before the car drove through Emily’s window, we learned that thanks to a certain key disaster, she has been suspended from work without pay … which if you don’t know what that looks like, ask Don Draper on “Mad Men.”

If you do want some more “Pretty Little Liars” news, just be sure to check out the story over here.

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