‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: The latest casting is…

Game of ThronesWe could spend all day sitting here and talking about the things that “Game of Thrones” as a series does right: The acting, the writing, the cinematography, or making Joffrey so awful that Twitter warned William and Kate against making this the name of their new Royal Baby.

But what we really do want to highlight right now is the show’s continued pursuit of excellent child actors. This is something that is so easy to get wrong, mostly because many children are either whiny, self-entitled, or forced into the job by their parents so their heart isn’t into it. The latest casting news comes via The Theatre Workshop, who claims that one of their own in 13-year old Brennock O’Connor will be featured in the fourth season (via Winter Is Coming), but given that HBO has not formally announced anything when it comes to casting, it’s hard to say who they will play.

Given that the tweet said that filming is taking place in Iceland, this should come as even further proof for what we’ve already said about filming taking place in the country. It’s clearly a much different time of the year than when producers stopped by last time around, so with that in mind, don’t expect to see the same exact geography or climate featured in these scenes. Expect something greener, with maybe some of the county’s unique mountains or rivers featured heavily.

Out of the show’s major stars, at least two actors have already been spotted in the country’s largest city of Reykjavik, where they likely remain in between starting up work and finishing it. Just for those curious, the average high in the city right now is around 14 degrees Celsius, or around 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo: HBO

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