‘The Bachelor’: Did Zak Waddell, Juan Pablo Galavis improve odds on ‘Men Tell All’?

Zak W.It’s a very political game that stars of “The Bachelorette” play when it comes to figuring out their future, and we are not just saying that for the sake of being cynical. You not only have to have a good enough edit on the show for people to give a you-know-what about you, but you also have to be cool as a cucumber when it comes to maximizing your time on “The Men Tell All” or the “After the Final Rose” specials air. Timing is key, and this is why we feel like even in spite of the great support they had last night, we’re not going to be seeing either Zak Waddell or Juan Pablo Galavis as the next “Bachelor.”

Let’s break this down individually, since the two guys are at least different enough to merit that.

Zak – He clearly brings to the table a good heart, great abs, and a free spirit, but despite all of that, we just can’t see yet another Texan being the star of the show again. At a certain point, it’s almost making it a prerequisite for the stars of this show to carry around a Texas flag and talk about down-home values.

Juan Pablo – It’s simply all about screen time. They brought him up to speak with Chris Harrison last night because he was much more popular than anyone probably expected him to be pre-season, and gave him some due for his fans, but if you didn’t watch last night’s episode, you probably barely remember him outside of his cool name. One episode does not a good “Bachelor” make.

While we’ve been aboard the Jef Holm bandwagon the past few weeks, we’re almost starting to get the feeling that he’s starting to not enjoy the barrage of questions about it all of the time; plus, he was far more popular last year. Drew Kenney, unless he is picked, could end up becoming the hot pick for the show early next year. He’s got all of the emotional angles covered, and while there’s not much of a sense of humor there, just cast a few crazy characters for his season and let them bring the drama.

Given that the finale is two parts this year, all three of these guys are going to have an opportunity to make their case, regardless of whether or not they are pulling a James and being the “Bachelor” is already on their mind.

Photo: ABC

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