‘Suits’ season 3 spoilers: Meghan Markle on stability for Mike and Rachel

SuitsThis just in for “Suits” fans: There may actually be a story ahead on “Suits” for Mike and Rachel that does not just have them constantly back and forth between “love” and “hate.” Even though Rachel gave her man a sort of ultimatum when it comes to telling the truth about his job, they do still seem to be together. Not only that, but it appears that this is going to be something that stays reasonably constant for a while.

Meghan Markle has clearly been paying closely attention to what the fans have been saying about her character’s romance on the show, since her latest comments to TV Guide sum up what pretty much every fan has felt about these characters’ patterns for the past two years:

“I joked with Aaron, ‘She has this pattern. I slap him and yell at him, and the next thing, I’m kissing him or sleeping with him or in the file room with him.’ Season 3 finds her breaking this pattern of love and hate now that they’re together. It’s so multilayered. … It won’t be quite as volatile as it’s been the past two seasons. Now they’re on a learning curve of figuring out what a real relationship looks like when you are doing it at the office and they’re trying to keep it a secret.”

Now, the only part of this that we laugh at is the notion of these two actually finding a way to keep this a secret. We just don’t see it happening in the long-term; there are too many other smart people at the firm (especially Donna, who is basically the Oracle from “The Matrix”), and there’s always the age-old rule that while you may think you are being discreet as a couple, you’re really not. Most everyone else typically knows, and most everyone else is typically annoyed by it.

Sure, hearing about all of this is nice … but how about seeing it? We have some video proof of Mike and Rachel’s future with this teaser at the link here.

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