‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Jensen Ackles teases drama between Dean, Sam

SupernaturalWhile showrunners love to create conflict, there are some characters that we have learned are people that most fans really don’t want to see at odds with each other; and at the top of that list, we have none other than the famed Winchester brothers from “Supernatural” in Sam and Dean. Every season as of late, they’ve had to sort through some sort of conflict or trust issue, and we haven’t necessarily been thrilled about all of them, since these guys really should be relying on each other at this point.

So does Dean have great intentions with what he’s trying to pull now? We’re sure he does, but that doesn’t stop us from saying “argh” when we hear the latest quote from Jensen Ackles per TVLine:

“They’ve got angels, they’ve got demons and all the other stuff in between to now deal with … They’ve got to figure out how to navigate the terrain with all the new elements. They’re really going to need each other more than ever at this point, and they’re going to have to rely on each other more than ever, which is going to be difficult because there’s a secret that Dean is harboring right now from Sam.”

So what is this dramatic “secret” going to be? Ackles doesn’t get too specific, but hints that it revolves very much around why Sam is still alive. We saw a little of this in the finale, but there’s always more to this show that we don’t know. We didn’t intend for that to be so sing-songy, but it’s true. “Supernatural” is a world of secrets, joy, frustration, and cool cars. It always has been, and it likely always will be.

Just in case this was not enough for you, or this scoop gives you a mixed reaction, how about this for some comedy: Some quotes from Misha Collins about seeing Castiel “defecating” and “fornicating” for the first time.

Photo: The CW

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