ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ episode 8 review: April confronts Paul… boom

Last week’sMistresses episode of “Mistresses” left us with the bomb of April’s husband Paul not being dead after all, so we were curious to hear what excuse this guy could have for faking his own death and putting his wife and daughter through this kind of emotional turmoil (really, who does that?)

April: She rightly gives Paul the smack across the face that he deserves, and his excuse for leaving is fairly weak. He lost his job and after not finding another one they were running out of money. He admits to the affair with Miranda and gives another weak excuse saying that he felt he wasn’t good enough for his wife. Paul tells her that when he couldn’t get out of the affair (Miranda was pregnant and threatening to blow up his marriage), he felt that faking his death was the only way to leave April something after being so selfish. The real bomb drops when Paul tells April that he’s been living with Miranda and their son this whole time. He begs her not to give Miranda any money. April sets up a confrontation between Paul and Miranda to see who’s telling the truth and as it turns out it’s Paul. She tells them both to get out of her life and gives them no money… she’s finally free of the mess, or so she thinks.

Josslyn: She is still staying at Alex’s place (why a real estate agent can’t find or afford a place to live is beyond us, but we’ll move on) and while shopping together they run into Alex’s ex-girlfriend who has moved on with another woman. Later Alex is obsessing over Sally moving on and Josslyn comforts her by taking her to bed, but things get complicated when Alex’s feelings for her get in the way of their friendship and she feels the need to walk away from Josslyn all together. After thinking about losing Alex and how badly that would hurt her, Josslyn decides to give a relationship with Alex a chance.

Savannah: Even though she thinks everything is on the mend with her and Harry, he’s holding back his true feelings. He’s really struggling with the fact that the baby might not be his. She gives Dominic a contract asking him to relinquish all rights to the baby and he tells her that he’s not signing anything and wants the paternity results. Later, Harry says that when the paternity results come in and if the baby isn’t his then she has a choice to make because he wants to be with her and have a family with her, but won’t raise Dominic’s baby. After thinking about the ultimatum she tells Harry that she’s keeping the baby no matter the results.

Karen: She is starting to feel a bit more secure about Sam stalking her when she hasn’t heard form him, but is shocked to discover that he is seeing the other therapist at her office. When Karen confronts Sam about everything he apologies for handling things the way he has and admits to being in love with her. Karen goes to Sam’s mom to try and get her to help comfort him, she confronts Karen about sleeping with Tom… and Sam over hears.

Were you surprised to see Paul come back and do you think that this story line is completely far fetched? Do you think that Harry is really going to leave Savannah? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen on the next episode of “Mistresses”.

Photo: ABC

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