‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Did America make another shock MVP nomination?

PoolWe don’t quite know if we have ever been more on the edge of our seat for a Veto Ceremony in the “Big Brother” house ever. This is easily the first time all season that nobody has really had any clue who is going to be going back up on the block, and it’s all thanks to that dastardly beast known as the American voters.

Over the weekend, a combination of stupidity, and a small group of people voting intentionally caused Elissa to be the third nominee sent a shockwave of panic through the house that made for great entertainment. Elissa of course won the Veto amid more conspiracy theories from the houseguests that she nominated herself and the competition was rigged for her, and with Kaitlin and Aaryn already on the block, we could have been feasibly looking at who was the fourth-most-hated contestant by America to go up on the block. We’re assuming that Aaryn had the most votes, and Kaitlin could have been ahead of Elissa in second.

Going into this afternoon, our prediction was that another racially-charged contestant in either GinaMarie or Spencer would be targeted, mostly because we don’t see the motivation in going after anyone else. In the end, this nomination did not matter too much so long as it was not Amanda or Howard going up. If this happened, things could get interesting.

Ultimately, America went the predictable route this time around and stuck GinaMarie up for eviction, which led to her saying that this was the “best looking couch” that we have seen in some time. Hilarity immediately ensued, and not just because GinaMarie’s statement is wrong in so many ways. For one, she and the other “Mean Girls” think that this was great theater by Elissa to entertain the viewers, and that this entire ordeal was orchestrated by production.

REALITY CHECK FOR “MEAN GIRLS” UPON LEAVING HOUSE. The reason that you are all on the block is because you whine constantly about production, make and laugh at racist remarks, and because you act ungrateful to be there. You make it so that America wants to rig the game against you and have you eliminated sooner rather then later. You’re welcome. Enjoy your next few days on the block.

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Photo: CBS

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