‘Under the Dome’ spoilers: First look at Natalie Zea (complete with scary details)

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea must find a certain bit of joy in her upcoming part on CBS’ “Under the Dome,” mostly because it is not often that you as an actor get to go from being constantly terrified to being the person that actually freaks other people out. She is going from playing a part on “Justified” to being the constantly-terrified wife of Joe Carroll on “The Following” to now a mysterious outsider that actually has a reason to make other people shudder. The only bad news in here? That she is not showing up still until August 19. (Sorry, Zea fans … or Zealots? Shouldn’t that really be the name of her fan base?)

The actress first told TV Guide the following about her part, for those of you looking for bare-bones details:

“I play Maxine, an out-of-towner who has been in Chester’s Mill since the dome came down but has been hiding, lying in wait, ready to make her move. She came to Chester’s Mill on an errand and has associations with some of the key players, including Big Jim … Maxine is not happy being stuck under the dome but is making the most of the situation. And I get to carry a gun, which I rarely get to do!” 

Judging from the photo above, she also has a talent for making Mike Vogel’s Barbie feel somewhat comfortable around her; though while his facial expression reads confusion / concern, she has more of a “just you wait” look on her face, almost like she is a shrewd “Survivor” player looking to stab them in the back at Tribal council. Also important? That they are standing in front of a chalkboard, meaning that they may be learning something … and the name “Victor” is plastered across it along with some others that we cannot entirely make out.

“Under the Dome” has a new episode airing on CBS Monday night, and you can watch a sneak peek for it over here.

Photo: CBS

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