ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Filming starts, and why you should care


Gladiators, assemble! Filming for “Scandal” season 3 is officially under way, as Katie Lowes shared a photo of herself getting all Quinn-ified in a makeup chair. The first thing to point out from this photo? That these people wake up really darn early in order to bring fans what they want. It was before 7:00 a.m. on the West Coast when this was posted online, so imagine how early she must’ve gotten up to get there, or just think about how long she’s probably going to have this makeup plastered on her face. These are long freakin’ days on set, so much so that these characters may start turning into Huck and start reciting numbers out of pure insanity once we get near the time for them to leave.

So why should you, the dear “Scandal” fan, really care about production starting back up? It’s true that you’re not going to see any footage for a while regardless of the start time, and October 3 is not going to come any sooner no matter what gods you pray to. However, we like to think of a start date as important for the following reasons:

1. Casting – The only thing as great as watching a show is finding out who is in it, and it’s not like Shonda Rhimes is going to go to work and decide that they don’t need anymore guest stars to appear. (Kerry Washington having an Emmy nomination does not mean that she will be suddenly hired out to play other characters.

2. Following production – There is almost a story to tell in the making of a TV show, one that involves stress and a desperate need for energy and script rewrites (coffee is also probably a key ingredient here).

3. Because “Scandal” is addictive – And reading about the show is probably the closest thing you are actually going to get to watching the show at any point over the next several weeks.

The final reason you can read more about here: Publicity photos. If Shonda suffers a moment of Huck-like insanity and decides to give Fitz a mohawk, that is where you will find out about it.

Photo: ABC

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