ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Nathan Fillion – James Brolin reunion likely

Nathan FillionYes, we know that some of you may have shed a tiny (or imaginary) tear this weekend, when “Castle” was not one of the shows lighting up the stage at San Diego Comic-Con; and yes, you were probably also at the same time ready to scream at ABC over it, given that both Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn basically live at the convention center anyways, and getting the other stars there is not that much trouble at all.

Luckily, we like to think of this article as a mini Comic-Con of its own, given that we have some of the same scoops that you would have gotten at the convention, save for a few cool Fillion quotes, and a video where the entire cast is treated like the geek gods that they are. These details come from TV Guide, with an extra-spicy dose of excitement added as a garnish.

Bracken’s back? – Jack Coleman is the master of playing evil dudes with questionable motives, so don’t be surprised by the comments from Andrew Marlowe that he is working on a way to bring him back. Meanwhile, James Brolin should also be making a comeback as Castle’s mysterious spy father.

Romance and more romance – You already know that the premiere will have an answer to that blasted question regarding Castle’s proposal. But won’t you be excited to hear that there will also be more news about Lanie and Esposito? Not only that, but Rick’s going to have a major awkward situation when Pi, a guy that Alexis meets in Costa Rica, moves in at the loft. There will be no escaping the awkwardness, even in his own home.

Daddy dearest – Yep, Ryan will become a father at some point before the season’s over. Let’s hope he waits a while before telling his kid about some random woman from his past kissing him and using a false name.

Edelstein’s runLisa will be around for at least three episodes, which suggests that Beckett must at least be considering heading to DC on a very real level. Granted, the fact that it’s only three episodes suggests that she probably packs up and leaves / gets fired / decides that the coffee there isn’t as good as in New York City. (These characters = severe caffeine addicts… much like we are.)

Because we don’t want to leave you hanging with just this, there’s also some more “Castle” scoop here, including a few details about Matt, a man who could be working with Beckett in a way that drives fans up the wall. Key word there? “Could.”

Photo: ABC

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