‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 6 review: The tale of Terry Bellefleur’s humanity

TerryLeading into this period of time on “True Blood,” we have heard time and time again that there will be some sort of major death, and quite possible one that also qualifies to be of the “true death” variety. Whose body are we the most likely to see fall? Going into this, we were most worried about Pam; but thankfully, that changed very quickly, when she and Eric teamed up to stop their impending doom.

There is still quite a bit of madness running rampant throughout this vampire prison that the LAVTF has started up, but there is some hope. Jason Stackhouse has joined the task force in an effort to free Jessica from within, but he has a major new foe here in former hook-up buddy Sarah Newlin. She forced Jason to watch Jessica nearly have sex, and it was terrible … but not as terrible as what came next.

Is Terry better? – We don’t know why nobody ever thought about glamouring Terry sooner. It makes perfect sense! Now, the member of the Bellefleur clan seems to be okay, but we are still worried about the plans that he put in place about his suicide before having this done to him.

Unfortunately, it was this that sealed his fate. In one shot, Terry was gone, and we lose one of our favorite long-term characters. To think, this was not even the end of the body count in what turned out to be a heart-wrenching episode.

The end of the Emma – We don’t mean that she is dead, but thankfully the issue surrounding Luna’s daughter has been taken care of. The child is now with her grandmother, and we thankfully do not have to worry about her anymore.

The body count rises – The next person to die was someone that we all saw coming: However, we did think that Burrell would survive longer than he did, mostly because he was a character that seemed to be destined to last the season. The truth here is still that Burrell’s legacy is intact, judging from what we saw with the Tru Blood factory at the very end of the episode.

Oh, and since this show for whatever reason cannot end like a normal show, we instead had Sookie hooking up with Warlow in their faerie safe space, while the man was still tied up. If Terry is really dead, we would have preferred a better testament to his memory.

Overall, what did you think about this week’s “True Blood” episode? As always, we want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out some more news related to the HBO show and its Comic-Con trailer, all you have to do is visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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