‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Whose side is Andy really on?

AndyWe understand that a “Big Brother 15” article geared around Andy may not be the most exciting way to end the night, but at this point, he may be a very huge player in the next few weeks as the house shifts and evolves. Plus, it’s much more interesting to talk about Andy then the fact that Spencer and Aaryn are talking about (ugh) helping each other out.

While we have seen most of the house turn against Amanda and McCrae today after some comments that were getting completely blown out of proportion by Helen (who is trying too hard still to run this game), Andy seems to be at least somewhat on their side. He told the two of them that Helen said not for him to trust them, so they clearly knows that there is something going on. However, Andy did withhold certain pieces of information about the whole house wanting them out.

Really, what Andy is doing here is the same thing that has made him a clear favorite to go far in this game: Knowing what information to share, and what to keep to himself. Nobody has mentioned him as a target to go on the block at all, and for good reason. He’s not in an obvious two-person alliance, is a good listener, and doesn’t annoy people despite constantly poking into their conversations. He wants to look good to Amanda and McCrae in the event that they both stay in the house and one of them is in power, but he also wants to look good to Helen just so those bonds with her and Elissa can remain intact. Next week, we think that a two-nominee system will be in place, and that means bad news for many of these pairs in the game. Some eliminated people could use a new final two ally, and Andy will be waiting in the wings.

In summation of the day, Elissa will remove herself with the Veto from the block, and America will put up someone else against Aaryn and Kaitlin. Given that we didn’t see Elissa’s name coming, who knows who it will be? Our guess is either GinaMarie or Spencer, but that is all that is: A guess…. for now.

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Photo: CBS

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