‘Whodunnit?’ episode 5 preview: Finding the truth outside

WhodunnitWe start this “Whodunnit?” preview piece with the sad news: Unfortunately, there has not been a new preview video revealed yet for Sunday night’s new episode; therefore, it’s really hard to analyze much of anything, including the photo to the left. However, we do still have a synopsis to share from this episode, so we will start things off with that:

“Rue Manor’s remaining guests find themselves in the great outdoors with the killer plotting the next murder involving a lethal poison. The remaining eight continue to form alliances, and the stakes of the game are upped even more as they investigate how the killer used a horse, snake and poisonous flowers to nail the latest victim.”

Whoever this killer is, they are doing a very good job at keeping themselves a secret, especially since we have been wrong now with two of our previous top three. (Both Don and Ulysses are now dead.) Therefore, it’s come time revise our list of candidates to a certain degree.

3. Geno – Our picks are all people who have tried in various ways to disarm or confuse some of the other contestants, and Geno has definitely done that. We also have yet to see him really scramble that hard for a clue, as really stumbled across this past one based on someone else’s work.

2. Sasha – What is interesting about Sasha thus far is that she has received a ton of airtime, caused a few dust-ups, and has remained safe from contention of being killed on just about every occasion. Dana is the only person who has been in danger thus far that we even have a little bit of suspicion about, but it feels almost like she is trying a little too hard to actually be a guilty party.

1. Lindsey – To us, she seems to be the obvious choice. She’s managed to stay now every week despite not always having a ton of information, and she seems to constantly be on the verge of angering / frustrating everyone around her. If this is not the sign of a killer, we don’t quite know what is. Plus, we already know that these shows like to make surprising people the killer, and she does very well fit that bill.

Who do you think is the killer? As always, we want to hear your picks! Also, click here if you want to check out our full review of Sunday’s “Whodunnit?” episode.

Photo: ABC

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