‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Kat Graham on Bonnie, Jeremy’s future

Kat GrahamIs there a future for Bonnie and Jeremy on “The Vampire Diaries,” or are we about to see the idea of their romance become a ghostly shadow? (Yes, this pun was very much intended.) Despite having a little bit of relationship baggage at this point, it is still clear from the perspective of many fans that they would like to see the relationship last at least a little while longer … even if one of them is currently beyond the grave.

In some ways now, the two are going to be forced into a very unique bond thanks to the fact that Bonnie’s dead. It’s hard to really have a deep and personal connection with many people when only one person can communicate with you, and this is something that Kat Graham does her best to point out in a new interview with HollywoodLife:

“It’s great how they’ve evolved the friendship, more so, with Bonnie and Jeremy. I really like where they’re going with it, though I don’t completely know where that is, and I kind of like it that way. It’s cool that, because of the situation with her being on the other side, where the only person she can communicate with is Jeremy, it forces an even more intimate relationship with him. There’s even more of a unity and support.”

Granted, much of the future for Bonnie and Jeremy could be dependent on whether or not we actually see Graham’s witch stay dead forever. Jeremy is already a clear example of someone being able to come back to life, and we can’t rule out the show pulling something like this again in the future.

Jeremy may definitely need all of the support from Bonnie that he can get, especially when you consider some of what is going to be coming his way very soon … including a villain that could be even more feared than Silas.

Photo: The CW

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