‘Suits’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Louis makes Mike an offer

SuitsDid you think that the “Suits” premiere this week was intense? Than wait and see what the USA series has up its sleeve moving forward. The second episode of season 3 is going to carry with it the title of “I Want You To Want Me,” and despite the name being of a rather cheesy song, it may actually be talking about Mike and Harvey’s professional relationship just as much as it is Mike and Rachel.

As we’ve seen already, Mike desperately wants to win back his former mentor’s favor at all costs, even though he is learning rather quickly that this is not exactly a move that comes easy. Harvey is a very stubborn man who holds true to his principals, and so all we have to say is good luck to anyone who tries to sway him. (In other words good luck Mike.)

With that being said, there are some interesting times ahead for Mike and Rachel, as she continues to put the pressure on him to do something else than remain firmly entrenched in a job that she wants, and a job that she understandably feels that she deserves in many ways after everything that she has already been through to try and get into law school.

Finally, there is one other person who we absolutely cannot leave out of the equation here: Louis Litt. He is going to have an interesting offer of his own for Mike, and he could do rather well to listen to it.

What do you want to see take place on “Suits” next week? Just be sure to visit the link here for our full review of the premiere, and we also want to hear all of your thoughts below.

Photo: USA

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