‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Skilyr Hicks, Sam Johnson, Timber Brown top Vegas Week

America's Got TalentThere is little question that Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent” was a busy one, since there were almost a hundred acts that saw their fate revealed over the course of the two hours. With that in mind, it’s hard to single out every act. We’ll do our best to share some of our favorites below, but we want you to do the same! We’ve got these acts divided, like the show, into three groups: Those who did not advance, those who did, and those who are still waiting to know their fate.

Straight through to Radio City Music Hall – The guys behind the “Booty Song” (seriously) made it, as did singer Anna Christine, the guys who play the big dude’s tummy, and the wives of military men. Impressionist Angela Hoover went through, as did opera singer Branden James and his mama that he’s still trying to win over.

Eliminated right away – We saw a few ballroom dancers in here, a country singer, and some children. However, the majority of the acts eliminated were not those that you are really going to remember, anyway.

Forced to perform again – This is where things get fun.

The danger acts

David Ferman – This guy literally decided to surround himself with stun guns and then juggle. If this is not a terrible idea, we really don’t know what is.

Brad Byers – This was just a crazy act, and it included moving a card using his nose. Gross, but incredibly awesome.

Alexandr Magala – Pole tricks … and swallowing swords? Insane.

Sam Johnson – This is otherwise known as the guy balancing on the top of an extremely high wire to help his son (yep, that’s his story). If you take that away, this was the craziest thing we’ve ever seen: The guy poured gasoline on himself, and then literally juggled fire. Crazy, but awesome. The best of the group.

Red Panda – We like what she does, but she did nothing new with this act. Plus, we’d seen it before at basketball games.


Forte – Are these guys going to have a new member every time that they’ve never worked with, just to keep impressing us? At this point, we really would not put it past them.

Brandon and Savannah – It’s almost hilarious that when people do originals, they call it a “risk.” However, these two called doing a cover a “risk.”

American Hitmen – This group is a real band. Seriously. They rock, and in a way that we haven’t seen on the show in years.

Kid acts

2Unique – It’s still gimmicky, and we like the DJ more than the rapper.

Melody Caballero – How did she lift herself with just her mouth? We know that she was great, but still.

Ruby & Jonas vs. DeAngelo & Amanda – We are giving this one to the latter group here, since the former suffered with a performance slip-up. We’re almost a little annoyed, though, at how we’re still really dealing with the same people from the Miami All-Stars two years ago.


Jimmy Failla – Not a great routine. It was a little too cheesy, and a little too much a bad impression of Ray Romano and others.

Taylor Williamson – Hilarious. He has a great character, and he knows exactly how to work the room. The best comedian on this season, and one of the best they’ve heard.

John Wing – John is the great curmudgeon comic, and you always need a couple of these around to stir things up.


Hype -Easily, these guys are the best of the group. They can dance, but most importantly, they also tell a story.

Art Spark – We still don’t really get this one too much. Too cheesy.

Kid the Wiz – The guy was dancing with a hat! A cool idea, but spotty in the execution.

Dylan Wilson – A very good animator, but was it really the best animation we’ve ever seen. No. Just watch “So You Think You Can Dance” for that.


Tavi & Antonio – Not the best routine, since we’ve seen this quite a few times before over the years.

Duo Resonance -We still love watching these small women pick up guys with one hand, but the spinning floor made this extremely cool.

Timber Brown – From a professional standpoint, this was easily the best performance of this group when it comes to pure artistry.

KriStef Brothers – Meanwhile, a comedian like Howie Mandel of all people should really appreciate what the brothers brought to the show. It was funny! Plus, it was something different, and we have seen this act before.

Female singers

Deanna DellaCloppa – What was with the feeling of ill-content about the levels? We know it’s inconvenient, but you just have to run with it sometimes! There’s no doubting that she is a fantastic singer, though, but there’s just something about her we cannot get behind.

Skilyr Hicks – Definitely a strong singer, and while she doesn’t blow anyone away, she is still very likable and should do well because of that in the future.

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