Stephen Colbert roasts verdict in George Zimmerman trial, talks race with ‘math’

Stephen ColbertThe moment that the not guilty verdict was reached in the George Zimmerman trial, it was pretty easy to figure out that Stephen Colbert and many other comedians that are a part of the late-night circuit were going to have something to say about it. Of course, Stephen Colbert was no exception at all.

During Monday night’s edition of “The Colbert Report,” Stephen led a segment all about how this ruling apparently means that Florida no longer has laws, mocked Geraldo Rivera (one of his favorite punching bags), and also went on to explain via his version of math that racism in America is really even at this point, given that both white people and African-Americans have each had their own fair share of victories.

After watching this, it’s still pretty clear that Colbert is just being his wacky self for the sake of doing so. But while some people may argue that he is making light of a sensitive topic a little bit too early, at the same time he is also raising awareness of something that not everyone out there may even be that aware of. You do have to remember, after all, that the Zimmerman trial is something that did have a lot of play in the news cycle … but not everyone watches these shows. Therefore, if someone does still get something out of listening to what Colbert has to say here, it is far better than not hearing or understanding anything at all.

What do you think about Colbert’s take on the trial? If you click here, you can also check out some of our full take on how the broadcast media covered this issue.

Photo: Comedy Central

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