‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 5 preview: Ryan Kwanten’s Jason has a surprise

True BloodOn Sunday night’s “True Blood” season 6 episode, we’re going to have a surprise, especially when it comes to getting an opportunity to see a pair of characters together that we didn’t quite imagine that we would ever see in the same way again. Why? It’s all due to that simple fact that Jason Stackhouse spent at least one scene earlier this season trying to blow up any and all vampire-related creatures into tiny pieces.

However, on this episode he is actually going to turn things around somewhat, and become a confidante of sorts (albeit a potentially-brief one) to none other than Deborah Ann Woll’s character of Jessica. She’s going to be hurting emotionally after what was a pretty nasty massacre on her part: Seemingly killing all of Sheriff Andy’s fairy children, just because she developed a craving for their blood the moment that they started to fight their impromptu prison in Bill Compton’s house.

So is it fair to say that Jessica was looking for some reassurance? Definitely. Jason does offer a decent amount, and even tells her that he did love her during the time in which they were together. The problem just came in for him when he was also having to reconcile the fact that his best buddy Hoyt was also in love with her, and the love triangle between the three just became so severe over time that Hoyt did the smart thing and took off to another town. (We are pretty psyched up that the character did get a shout-out mixed in here!)

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Photo: HBO

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