‘Necessary Roughness’ season 3, episode 4 review: Did Dani find a new man?

Necessary RoughnessWe’re four episodes into “Necessary Roughness” season 3, and we still find ourselves somewhat conflicted on this rebooted version of the show. For one, the title no longer really makes any sense, given that we’ve seen a couple of episodes now that really don’t have anything to do with sports at all; and with that, the show has lost a bit of its identity.

What it did at least bring to the table tonight was a little bit of fun (T.K. coming up with an interesting new lingerie line), Dr. Dani accidentally finally herself a new man for the time being in a hotel room, and a case involving dissociative-identity disorder that may have actually fared better had it been featured more over the course of the entire season’s run. In giving us cases of the week like many other procedurals, having a new patient or a new crime every week can somewhat desensitize what we see, and they therefore end up bleeding all together somewhat.

The show is certainly still pleasant enough, and as happy as we were to see T.K. in particular have something to do beyond just the football field, there are so many other aspects of the sporting world that we miss. There are not really any other programs on at the moment that deal with the inner workings of professional athletics, and it made this one stand out somewhat. Couldn’t Dani have more clients here such as minor-league hockey players, egotistical boxers, or even a football player struggling with some sort of controversial issue. (Sexuality was already addressed earlier this year.)

We do wish that we understood what Nico was up to more, and that we saw John Stamos getting a little bit down and dirty. But the truth of the matter is that while nothing that “Necessary Roughness” is doing now is bad, it’s not really blowing us away either … and this becomes more apparent when so many other USA shows are upping their game at the moment.

Overall, what did you think both about this episode, and the season so far? If you want to read some more “Necessary Roughness” news, we suggest you visit the story over here.

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