‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Has Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb hit her low point?

Dexter and Debra MorganIt’s true that we have seen Debra Morgan in quite a few awful situations on “Dexter” over the years, but have we ever seen her in as awful a position as she was in this past episode? We can’t imagine one, even when she killed LaGuerta. She’s at odds with her brother, taking a boatload of medications and other drugs, and she also just shot a hitman in a way that was so traumatic, she barely even remembers doing it.

So where can the character go from here? It is a worthy question, since it’s always possible that she could descend into darkness and almost become a version of Dexter herself. Luckily for her, executive producer Sara Colleton’s comments to TV Guide suggest that this is probably not something that we are going to see occur:

“It’s when her PTSD is at the worst and it’s what makes her realize that she is in desperate need of help …┬áVogel steps in to say, ‘Dexter can’t deal with this; let me help.”

While Deb may be on the road again to making herself right, don’t take this quote as any sort of proof that a complete turnaround is just about here. Colleton says that this will be a slow process for Deb to heal, and it is not going to happen in days or even weeks’ time. There is still a great bit of healing that needs to be done here, and it begins with her trying to come to terms with some of what has happened (if that’s even possible).

What do you want to see from Deb over these upcoming weeks; are you excited to see her possibly revert back to her old form? If you want to read some more season 8 scoop on Hannah back on the scene, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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