‘Mad Men’ season 7 endgame debate: How will the story end for Elisabeth Moss?

Elisabeth MossWe are now getting near the tail end of our “Mad Men” season 7 endgame debate series, but before we turn to the final chapter of our story (talking tomorrow about a certain Don Draper), we now want to focus on Peggy Olson. Ever since the beginning of the show, we’ve envisioned this as her story just as much as it is Don’s story: A woman who literally started out at the bottom, desperate to have her voice heard. Now, she has Don’s office while he is on “leave” for however long the other partners want to see it happen.

But while Peggy is in a much better place financially now than she ever was before, you do have to admit that it’s rather hard to say the same thing about her personal life. She no longer has her relationship with Abe, and the man that she genuinely loved in Ted is moving to California, mostly because he did the very thing that she loves him for: Not wanting to be a terrible person. There is also Pete who has been constantly in the shadows of her love life, swooping in and out as he pleases while giving us glimpses of what kind of happiness Pete and Peggy could bring to each other if perhaps this was a different sort of universe.

At this point, it is almost impossible in our eyes to see Peggy having anything short of a happy ending professionally, given that she is someone who is by-the-book and tries to constantly act professional on the job. It’s managed to get her this far, and we imagine that this tradition will continue. What we’re a little more unsure about is whether or not she will ever find that perfect person that is right for her. It may take her finding someone new in season 7, or maybe, she can be truly representative of the modern business woman who can have a man if she wants to, but also be perfectly happy and fulfilled without one.

We expect big things for Peggy in this final season; the question is whether or not Don will be able to rise back up to her level.

What do you want to see from Peggy before “Mad Men” season 6 comes to a close? We want to hear some of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to read all of our other spotlight articles on some of these characters, our suggestions is to head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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