‘Big Brother’ 15 review: Aaryn Gries’ racism finally exposed to viewers

Aaryn“Big Brother” 15 left us with a major cliff hanger last week with a classic HOH challenge of who can fill up the jar with liquid first. So who is our new HOH and is it one of the members of the Moving Company?

HOH: Aaryn wants the HOH, probably more then anyone, because she feels the vote for David was personal and she wants Elissa out. There were a few pairs that were pretty close to winning the race for HOH including Elissa and Andy, but in the end Aaryn’s anger pushed her team into the winner’s circle. The Moving Company hopes that Jeremy is going to take the HOH, but decides to give it Aaryn.

Have Nots: To pick people for the Have Nots, Aaryn is out for blood and demands that the people who voted for David to fess up, but when no one does, she picks Candice, Elissa Andy and Helen, not realizing that it was mostly the Moving Company that had him thrown out. This is Elissa, Andy and Helen’s second week on slop – is it a little mean?  Definitely.

Who wants to see my HOH room????: No one wants to go up to Aaryn’s HOH room, but of course everyone has to go. The topic quickly goes back to who voted David out and who ever those people were need to be nominated. Aaryn threatens to cut off Nick’s privates while he sleeps if she finds out it was him and we wonder why production didn’t step in and remove Aaryn from the game. Also there’s a creepy clown doll in the room… worst HOH ever.

Racism: FINALLY! CBS showed Aaryn’s racist side and the producers deserve a major high five. They revealed a lot of the disgusting things she said and while it was cringe worthy watching the things she said, America has a right to know since they are voting for MVP. We are happy that “Big Brother” producers decided to show what has been going on in the house, and give them major props, but we would’ve liked all of the racists to have been exposed.

Candice figures out the Moving Company: After the votes came out from last week’s eviction, she figure’s out that there is an all male alliance in the house and tells Helen her theory.

Nominations: So who went up on the block this week? Elissa was a no brainer, it was obvious she was going up, but we weren’t sure who the other person was going to be after so many people were in her ear this week. Even though Helen had a really great chat with Aaryn, she still ended up on the block with Elissa.

What do you think about Aaryn’s nominations and her racism? If you haven’t had a chance to read up on the racism going on in the “Big Brother” 15 house, you can do so here.

Photo: CBS

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