‘Big Brother UK’: Why Dexter Koh, Gina Rio’s ‘eviction’ is a thing of beauty

Celebrity Big BrotherIf there is one thing that “Big Brother” in America gets some flack for from time to time, it is for having twists that are really rather lame, and do not do too much in the way of actually changing the game. Sure, there is the MVP twist this year and the three nominations, but even still, don’t really see anything that crazy at this happening at the moment.

On Friday’s episode of “Big Brother UK,” the news was supposedly revealed that houseguests Dexter Koh and Gina Rio had been evicted from the game, which was a moment that brought the two of them great sadness. However, this frown was quickly turned upside down with the news that in actuality, the public had been voting to keep them safe, and in a major twist of the game, they would be living in luxury for the next week in a separate house, and able to really spy on the other houseguests doing anything and everything.

Is this a remotely fair twist at all? Not really, but we do have to say that it is a ridiculously entertaining idea based on the way that Dexter and Gina completely lapped up the idea. They can gain some valuable intel over here, but more than that this twist provides us with an opportunity to see more people making idiots out of themselves … which we like to think is a general requirement for most things related to reality TV.

What do you think about the idea behind this twist, and the way in which it is being executed within the “Big Brother” UK game? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to read some more news related to all things “Big Brother,” you can do so over at the link here. You can also view the full episode of the series showing off this twist below.

Photo: Channel 5

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