‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Brooks Forester, Desiree Hartsock talk feelings

DinnerSo is Desiree Hartsock feeling more for Brooks Forester right now than he is for her? This is a question that is at the center of Monday night’s “The Bachelorette,” as it becomes somewhat clear in the sneak peek video below that one of them may have more feelings at the moment than the other.

One of the true tests for where these two are as a couple right now comes via an analogy that Desiree makes between falling in love and various stages of running; she claims that she is full-on running, while Brooks is more keen to use the word “jogging” to express his feelings. Let this be a word to the wise out there: If someone uses the word “jogging” in this context, it is almost never a good sign when it comes to the feelings that they have for you.

This is not to say that Brooks is calculating or a horrible person; his feelings are just still growing, and it is pretty darn difficult to be head over heels for someone when you have to also watch them kiss other people (and Desiree has been doing a lot of kissing this year, more perhaps than the everyday contestant on this show). He may still get there in time, and one of the reasons for the anxiety seems to be merely coming out of the fact that we are nearing the hometown dates at the final four.

One “Bachelorette” cliche quote in here is pretty simple: He doesn’t often let many people he dates meet his family. Yeah, Brooks; that’s what they all say.

What do you think about this sneak peek, and do you think this sort of honesty is a good or bad thing for the future of Desiree and Brooks’ relationship? We want to hear all of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to read some more coverage of her time with Brooks this week in Madeira, just be sure to check out the link here.

Photo: ABC, video via E! News

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