‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Brooks Forester, Desiree Hartsock get romantic (again)

BrooksApparently, there will be more romance for Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester on Monday night’s “The Bachelorette” beyond just having some sort of romantic date on the side of a cliff.

In addition to having that daring side of their upcoming one-on-one date (which still somehow involves eating food, a long-standing show tradition), some new photos released by ABC show the pair also engaging in what is a pretty romantic dinner date where they are back on steady ground. There’s a part of us that wonders just how many fancy dinners Desiree goes to over the course of an entire season, but that is probably a question for a different day.

DinnerInstead, what you really see in this picture is that these two are a pair who are very much into each other, just judging from the look in their eyes alone. The entire table, though, looks a tad delicate, and there is a part of us that had we been in their shoes, we would have worried about possibly spilling the wine all of ourselves.

Want more details about what is going on here? Just check out the following official synopsis of the date via ABC:

“Brooks gets his second individual date with Desiree and they drive to the top of a mountain, passing through the clouds. The couple share a romantic picnic and, later that night, in an attempt to figure out where their relationship stands, they play a game of metaphors to describe their feelings. What does Desiree learn from this revealing word play?”

The location for this episode is the island of Madeira, which is a signal that we are beginning the show’s bikinis-and-shirtless-dudes part of the season. We’ll have a brief break from it during hometown dates, and then, we’ll be back to more of the same.

What do you think about this photo? If you want to also see Brooks cry in a new promo, along with some other Bachelorette”-related news, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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