ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ episode 5 review: Savannah faces Harry and a pregnancy test

MistressesWe are still not completely sold on ABC’s new show “Mistresses” mostly because they really only have two stories that are believable and two that are either just dull and have been done on a bunch of other shows (Josslyn) or so far fetched that we just don’t care whether or not she is pregnant with Harry or Dominic’s baby (Savannah). So did “Mistresses” find it’s footing this week?  Let’s take a look.

Karen: The investigator is back to talk to Karen as a “new development” has come up and he needs her notes… of course she shredded them all. She refuses and he tells her that if she doesn’t had them over he’ll be back with a subpena since this may now be a criminal investigation. Karen meets with Tom’s widow, Elizabeth, and tells her about the investigator. Elizabeth tells Karen that she dismissed the hospice worker early the night she helped Tom kill himself and she is worried about how much this woman knows. Elizabeth asks Karen to make “new notes” for her time with Tom to say that he was suicidal in hopes that the whole insurance investigation will go away. Karen decides to create the notes.

Savannah: She hasn’t told Harry that she’s pregnant yet, but she is showing enough signs that he suspects she is. She hasn’t gotten the paternity results back yet and is concerned when Harry surprises her with a pregnancy test. She starts acting jealous over Dominic flirting with a new paralegal at work and he tells her that Savannah that he’s not over her. Later that night Harry is excited for her to take the test, but she sees that she’s bleeding and he assumes it’s her period. After going to the doctor she learns that she’s still pregnant and she’s relieved, so relieved that she goes home and tells Harry that she’s expecting. She also drops the bomb that it might not be his.

Josslyn: Alex has broken up with her girlfriend and makes a pass at Josslyn, who welcomes her into the shower with her. Afterwards Josslyn tells her that she doesn’t do relationships and that regardless of what just happened, she is still straight. They agree that they will be just friends who sometimes fool around, but when Alex’s ex-girlfriend tells Josslyn that Alex has fallen for her and that’s the reason they broke up. She tries to distance herself from Alex, but finds that she can’t.

April: This is the story we are most interested in as April has no idea that she is being taken for a ride by a woman claiming to have a child with her dead husband. While trying to get the money together to give the woman who’s extorting her she learns that Lucy has ditched school with Richard’s daughter. After grounding their children Richard stops by April’s shop and she tells him everything that’s been going on leading them to a night in bed together.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Mistresses”? If you want a taste of what’s going to happen on next week’s episode then be sure to check out our preview here.

Photo: ABC

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