‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: The foggy road ahead for Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy

NCISBrian Dietzen has had an opportunity as of late to have a larger role in the “NCIS” universe, but apparently, having this does not exactly equal access to finding out more about the upcoming seasons of the show. After all, the actor has already plead a certain level if ignorance when it comes to the season 11 story, even if he does know a few tiny details about some personal developments for his character of Jimmy.

Speaking to TV Guide in a new interview designed to also promote his upcoming film “Congratulations” (which will be available on Demand), Dietzen explained a situation in particular where he tried to get information from show guru Gary Glasberg, and he was pretty effectively shut down in the process:

“I was live-tweeting the finale with [executive producer] Gary Glasberg, and I looked at him [following Gibbs being revealed as a sniper] and said, ‘What the hell just happened?’. And he said, ‘You’ll figure it out next season.’ I said, ‘Come on, I’m in the cast — I’m not gonna tell anybody!’

“[What I know is that] there’s a baby in the future for Jimmy and his wife, Breena [Michelle Pierce]. We’re going to try to adopt. But outside of that, Gary hasn’t told me anything. I’m gonna take him golfing and pry him for answers.”

The wait for season 11 is still a long one, but we like to think that now having a definite premiere date (in September 24) does make things a little bit easier. The hiatus may also move at a bit more of a brisk pace now that production is going to be starting up in the weeks ahead.

While it may not be related directly to the future of the show, did you hear that Michael Weatherly is going to have a different way in which to have his voice heard when it comes to the show? Meanwhile, be sure to also click here to find out the latest news on the Cote de Pablo contract situation.

Photo: CBS

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