‘Big Brother’ 15 review: Is Nick Uhas the new Dan Gheesling?

NickEver since Wednesday night’s episode of “Big Brother” 15 we have been glued to the live feeds like a junkie. Tonight is the nomination ceremony, but first let’s get into the game play.

MVP: After learning about the MVP twist MrCrea realizes that this power is really going to make his reign as HOH difficult. Everyone is paranoid about the MVP power.

Showmances: David is working Aaryn as he tries to get a showmance going with her.  Jessie wants a showmance with practically anyone and Amanda wants to slap her in the face.

Elissa: She still hasn’t come out about being Rachel Reilly’s sister, but with everyone talking about Rachel, Elissa is getting very nervous about her cover getting blown. Everyone is convinced Elissa is related to Rachel, but no one will actually go and confirm it. Many of the houseguests feel that if she had come clean about her family relations that they would’ve been fine with it, but because she hid it everyone is pissed off.  Elissa decides to go to McCrea and tell him that she is related to Rachel in hopes that she can make a connection to him and because he’s a superfan he wants to find a way to work with her.

Alliances: Nick pulls together Howard, Spencer, McCrea and Jeremy in an alliance making the first major “Big Brother” 15 alliance of the season called “The Moving Company”. Nick is hoping to bring a female into the Moving Company alliance and McCrea suggests Elissa. Nick is someone to watch out for… he has a lot of potential to be the Dan Ghessling of the season if he can continue to stay under the radar and pull the strings with his social game. He’s making a lot of smart moves behind the scenes, but isn’t winning any competitions which keeps the target off his back.

Have Not Competition: So the teams had to build a pyramid of 15 soda cans fished out of freezing cold water to not be Have Nots for the week. The Blue team (Nick’s team) held the ropes holding the platforms holding the cans way down to the ground so that once they get the cans built they can  put their platform on the ground to win… and it works. The Red team loses, with Andy, Helen, Howard, Judd, and Elissa being Have Nots for the week. As far as the Have Not room… it’s the worst Have Not room in history. The group are sleeping on airplane seats, it’s so bad.

Nominations: McCrea had a difficult choice since it’s so early in the game and no one has really showed their hands yet, but the house is really pulling to get Elissa out, because she’s Rachel’s sister. After some influence from Amanda he nominates Candice and Jessie.

Do you feel that McCrea made the right choice on the nominations or is there someone else you think he should have nominated? Leave us a comment and tell us who is your favorite to win “Big Brother” 15.

Photo: CBS

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