‘Mad Men’ season 7 spoilers: Vincent Kartheiser stopped trying to speculate

PeteThere are few shows out there more entertaining to speculate on than AMC’s “Mad Men.” What’s one primary reason for that? Think alongside the lines of the fact that neither creator Matthew Weiner nor almost anyone on the cast really shares anything on the story ahead. That means that season 7 could start off with Don Draper in a depression, or it could be Don putting on a skintight bodysuit and fighting crime alongside Bob Benson and the ghost of Pete Campbell’s mother (if she’s actually dead).

The mysterious nature of the show has even led some of the stars to no longer really try to figure out all of the finer details as to what comes next; and for more on that, just see what Vincent Kartheiser said to Zap2It recently:

“I used to have thoughts of what should lie ahead for these characters, and what I found out after about two seasons was that all my hypotheses about what could happen, or what I thought would be cool, were not as good as what actually was written.

At a certain point, I just put all of that to bed and focused all of my energy on doing my job … putting my imagination to rest, if you will.”

The good thing about Kartheiser not speculating is that it may actually allow his mind to rest for a few months, seeing that he will start filming the show’s final season in the fall, and we will see whether or not Pete is really able to start over and learn from his mistakes in Los Angeles. Like Don, we want to see him find redemption, but the question is whether Pete in turn really wants that, or is just more interested in getting himself caught doing something nefarious.

Having this information about Kartheiser also shows why he’s trying as best as he can to not form any opinions about the state of Pete’s mother, even if it is presumed that she is dead somewhere in the middle of the ocean (as horrible a thought as that is) moving into “Mad Men” season 7.

Photo: AMC

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