‘Under the Dome’ episode 2 spoilers: Mike Vogel talks Barbie, Julia teaming up?

Under the DomeUnder the Dome” has to be still in the process of getting themselves down from a post-premiere high. This show literally delivered a knockout punch to the primetime schedule this week, as it drew some of the best numbers we’ve seen from any summer show in quite a long time (especially a scripted one on network TV).

After you do have an episode that generally makes most of the audience excited, there is inevitably a question that you must answer: What in the world comes next? Mike Vogel may be finally getting a chance to have a breakout role following some strong stints on both “Pan Am” and “Bates Motel,” and he tells TVLine in a new interview that the relationship with Barbie and Julia moving forward to Monday’s episode and beyond is only going to intensify:

“There certainly are some things starting to bubble with Barbie and Julia. There’s always that underlying skepticism, which continues to get played even more so in the next episode.This week we have a big fire that breaks out, and in a normal circumstance that’s a difficult situation — but you put it in a small town under a dome where your fire department is stuck on the outside? Now you’re faced with a situation where the entire town could go up.”

One aspect of this series that makes the tension even higher is that we are looking at an unpredictable series here. While Stephen King’s novel is a template, it’s not the rulebook, and as the season progresses you will slowly start to see more and more diversions take place.

In case you did not also hear, there is some other good news surrounding “Under the Dome” that came out this week. Specifically, we’re referring to the show coming to Comic-Con! If you want to read more, our advice is to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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