‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 3 preview: Stephen Moyer’s Bill tests his limits

True BloodIs a vampire god really that powerful? On Sunday night’s “True Blood” season 6 episode, we are going to have that answer handed down courtesy of a certain man that goes by the name of Bill Compton.

In the video below from the  new episode called “The Sun,” you get a pretty literal understanding as to why this is the title: Bill comes up with the theory that thanks to having the blood of Lilith in his veins, he can do the one thing that no vampire in this world could ever possibly do: Embrace the sunlight. Long has this been a frustration for vampires, forced to hide inside during the day (which has to really suck, vampire puns intended, for those blood-suckers located on the Arctic Circle in the summer); however, Bill could see and do so much more by being among everyone else during the day.

It’s easy to understand why Jessica is worried about him, mostly because she has really lost everyone in her life in a pretty fascinating way. The show did not do something horribly dramatic and kill all of these people off. Hoyt and Jason are still alive, but they are just not with her anymore. This means that she is stuck having to rely on someone who, to be frank, just can’t be relied on right now.

We do have to ask what is a pretty interesting question, though: Is Billith immortal? If so, we have to wonder what’s stopping him from just parading into the Governor’s mansion, eating Burrell’s heart, and then dropping the aorta like it is the mic after you come on stage and rip your boss a new one at the office party after too much Wild Turkey.

We’ll hopefully find out some more answers Sunday night, but sadly, we just don’t see Bill killing Burrell anytime soon.

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Photo: HBO

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