‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Onto the next stage…

SupernaturalThe telltale signs are there about “Supernatural” season 9 production getting ever closer. We have scripts being produced, actors receiving said scripts, and the knowledge that July always means a month of great things for scoop-stricken TV fans. No longer will there be a need to scour desperately for anything to look forward to! Whether it be through casting announcements that come throughout the month or Comic-Con in San Diego, there will be something more specific to look forward to.

Also worth celebrating? That the great migration up to Vancouver is beginning. Producer Jim Michaels tweeted that he is already there, and it won’t be long until he is joined by many of the actors and crew members. There is no official “start date” made available to the public, mostly because there are some things that do need to be kept secret.

We’re also now thrilled that at least one other piece of the show’s puzzle is finally cemented in place in the premiere date … though October 15 is a beastly long time away. Why so late, you ask? Put the blame on “The Originals.” The “Vampire Diaries” spin-off was not apparently meant to premiere prior to the flagship show, so the entire Tuesday lineup was held back a week. But don’t worry: We’re sure it will be worth the extra time. There are also 23 episodes this season, so smile at the thought of being able to get through a season with very few breaks jammed in there.

If you want to check out all of the premiere dates that are coming up on The CW this fall, the link here is a very, very good place to start.

Photo: The CW

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