Jimmy Kimmel plays cruel (but hilarious) trick on Justin Bieber fans (video)

Jimmy KimmelThis week, Justin Bieber performed a string of shows at the Staples Center as a part of his globe-dominating, “I have way more money than you” Believe Tour. If you are within the ages of 11 and 16 and are a woman, this is basically your version of Heaven on Earth.

For everyone else? It’s a venue of comedy, mostly from the vantage point of seeing what grown adults can do to see just how far Bieber fans will go in support of their idol. Is it cruel for people like the folks over at Jimmy Kimmel’s show to make up random horrible facts about the singer, like making tires of seal skin, just to see girls irrationally try to defend him for it?

Then, you watch the video, and it’s pretty hard to not laugh at it. This almost is a scary cautionary tale to never let yourself become too much of a fan of anything, since you’ll start to believe crazy things like this and eventually be embarrassed on national TV. Wouldn’t you hate to go to school the next day?

But we like to be solution-oriented around these parts, and thus, we want to offer some consolation to these poor, humiliated souls as to what to do next. As someone who has been personally mocked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in the past (an old “Beauty and the Geek” joke that was before every show and had a billion YouTube clips), you gotta laugh at it. It’ll make it go away faster. Oh, and you may also want to realize what you are getting into before going on-camera.

Strangely, this is not the weirdest thing we have seen on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week. That honor goes to Miley Cyrus for trying to explain her “We Can’t Stop” music video in a way that has us even more confused.

Photo: ABC

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