‘Top Shot All-Stars” episode 5 review: Why Kelly Bachand should win this show

top-shot-all-starsOn this week’s episode of “Top Shot All-Stars” we saw a challenge come back from season 3 where two shooters go head to head in the dice challenge. The object of the challenge (in case you are not familiar with it) is to shoot out  6 different stations that look like dice and the first shooter to take out all of the windows of the dice forces that station to then be closed to the other competitor.

Colby randomly drew two team captains in Kelly and Jamie who then chose their teams.  Two shooters went up against each other at a time until  all stations were complete. Kelly’s team killed the first three stations, hoping to break Jamie’s spirits, but in the end Jamie’s team came out on top and Kelly, Gabby, Brian, Alex, Gary and Joe end up going to the proving ground.

At the proving ground the challenge has been a bullseye shot all season, but today it was a trick shot. The contestants all had 3 CD’s the shoot through the center without touching the CD and would be awarded a point for each one they cleared. Gabby, Alex and Joe all hit their CD’s, Brian got one point, Gary had two points and Kelly sent his bullet straight through all three CD’s. Ened though Kelly has ended up in the proving ground more then once this season, he has continuously proven that he is one of the strongest competitors on this show and could easily win this season. Alex, Gabby and Joe had to go back to the regular bullseye challenge to see who the two would be going to the elimination round. Gabby and Alex end up being sent to the elimination round.

Gabby and Alex head to the elimination round where they each have 100 bottles/targets to shoot out and whoever shoots the most bottles in 2 minutes wins and the other goes home. So who came out on top? Alex won the challenge and Gabby is sent packing losing our only female contestant this season.

Do you think that Kelly has what it takes to win it all? Leave us a comment and tell us who’s your favorite to win this season.

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