‘Glee’ season 5: Naya Rivera gives Brittana fans a jolt with just one tweet

Naya RiveraFor fans of Brittany and Santana on “Glee,” this can’t be an easy time. The pair is still broken up, and it doesn’t look altogether like they are going to get themselves back together anytime soon. As Heather Morris is pregnant, she will be gone for a pretty big chunk of season 5, and it’s likely that Naya Rivera’s character will try to move on romantically in that time. Without the original love of her life around, we’re not surprised at all about this; but don’t you still believe these two are the series endgame? Given the way fans feel about them online, it’s really hard to question it.

Well, with the usage of just a few words today, Rivera managed to completely make the hearts of a few Brittana fans start jumping around outside of her body, even without mentioning Brittany’s name:

“What do you think Santana’s wedding would be like?”

Well, there are a good many people out there that believe Santana’s wedding wouldn’t even exist without having Brittany around, so there’s that. This message was really posted as a result of the landmark Supreme Court ruling that helps pave the way for more equal rights for same-sex couples in states where they can marry. She added that very clarification a little bit later in the day:

“That question is in honor of today :-)”

At the moment, the same-sex “Glee” couple who is closer to getting married is actually Kurt and Blaine, judging from the sole notion that Darren Criss’ character has a ring, and the both are going to actually be on the show all of this coming season. Just don’t lose hope, Brittana fans; something good will happen if you give it time.

In case you missed the official premiere date for “Glee” season 5 a little earlier in the day, you can check it out here.

Photo: Fox

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