‘Saturday Night Live’: Bill Hader, Justin Bieber’s awful sketch hits web (video)

Saturday Night Live LogoOccasionally there is a sketch cut at the last minute from “Saturday Night Live” that is actually pretty funny, and it was cut mostly because there was either not time for it on the show, or the sketch was simply too dirty to make it onto the show. However, most of the time the only reason these cuts happen is because the sketch in question is pretty awful, and deserves to be thrown into the fires of mordor never to be seen again.

Below, you have “Song for Daddy,” otherwise known as a small chunk of your life that you will never get back. This is a sketch that made it to dress rehearsal with Justin Bieber, it bombed miserably, and it was thus cut from the show before it ever aired. However, it is slightly worth watching below simply to see what Hader and a pair of writers had to say in defense of the idea. They all are in consensus that this is terrible from start to finish, but there were a number of reasons why this was such a train-wreck as a whole.

1. One of the set’s walls nearly fell on Justin about halfway through the sketch.

2. Hader’s hat was a serious problem for the light crew when it came to seeing his eyes.

3. The giraffe that turns up is just completely absurd and makes no sense at all.

4. Neither Hader nor Bieber can keep it together through the sketch.

Just remember, “SNL” viewers: Anytime that you do complain about a bad sketch or a bad show, use this as a benchmark that it can always be worse … and this is for a sketch that featured one of the show’s best cast members prior to his departure.

If you want to hear what Taran Killam had to say about his hope to rise to the occasion next year with Hader now gone, be sure to visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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