AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3, episode 5 review: Linden’s progress and an ugly Valentine

The KillingSomehow, AMC seems to be where all awkward families go to have dinner. First, we had Jesse Pinkman trying to tell Skyler White that he loves her green beans and now we have Linden accidentally crashing Holder’s Valentine’s Day plans, which Holder crashed himself by not realizing that it was February 14 and his other half would be upset. (Does he get a pass for being up nearly three days in a row? We don’t think so.)

This was strangely our favorite moment of “The Killing,” when Holder’s romantic life got a little messed up by Linden and some catfish-related TV show, as it actually reminded us that not everything has to be dreary and depressing. Most of the rest of the episode was, but we have to say that there was actually a little bit of hope! For the first time, our good guys have a live witness who may be able to help figure out where Kallie is. She was badly maimed and beaten, and while we think that the vet tech who was with her at the end of the episode has some serious ‘splaining to do, he doesn’t seem like the guy behind it all.

You know who does seem more like the killer? Mills, who for whatever reason, has Kallie’s phone. When her mother tried to reach out via phone in the closing seconds, it was in his bag. But how will she use this knowledge? We’re not looking at a mother of the year candidate here by any means, and she could just choose to ignore this altogether or do some other sort of wrong thing and try to take action into her own hands.

The Seward storyline actually managed to be more depressing then the main case this week, mostly because of his refusal to see his son before his inevitable death. You could argue that his reasoning for this is to not create a memory of himself as this horrible person to the kid, but isn’t he also thinking a little selfishly? Then again, this guys has never been thinking in a way that wasn’t selfish, and could very well wander around with a sign reading “kill me already.”

What did you think about Sunday night’s “The Killing”? If you do want to check out some more news related to this episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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