‘Skywire Live’: Nik Wallenda prepares to cross Grand Canyon on a wire, without harness

DiscoveryWe’re still not entirely sure just what it is that makes watching danger so compelling, but in a matter of just over an hour (as of this writing), we are literally going to watch an extremely crazy man try to cross over the Grand Canyon while walking on a wire, with no net, and with no harness attached to him.

Maybe we’re not getting it, and Nik Wallenda is really a genius. He’s certainly smart when it comes to getting these specials on the air, given that he previously did accomplish this feat to solid ratings on ABC, with the difference being that it was over Niagara Falls. That ended up being rather controversial, as Wallenda was forced to wear a harness at the request of the network, mostly in fear that he would plunge to his death on live TV. While everyone (including us) is for whatever reason entertained by watching a guy almost die, nobody wants to see it actually happen.

Luckily, Wallenda has been able to secure himself a different TV partner this year in Discovery, who seems to be okay with him not wearing a harness to protect himself here in the event that he falls. This will add to the drama without a doubt, along with the fact that he is certainly going to be a long ways in the air while he tries to accomplish this feat.

We will be checking out this event as it unfolds tonight, and we are definitely interested to see whether or not he pulls this off … while hopefully not getting himself hurt in the process.

If you want to go back and read the highlights from Wallenda’s special themed around Niagara Falls, you can do so over here.

Photo: Discovery

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