‘Big Brother 15’ houseguest spotlight: Jessie Kowalski

Jessie KowalskiEvery season on “Big Brother,” there are a few types. There are the hustlers, the players, the challenge dominators, and then the people who seem content with letting everyone else do the dirty work. It’s admittedly really tough and also potentially a little bit unfair to judge someone based solely on a few minutes of video and a description on the CBS website, but that’s what we have to go on right now.

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Name – Jessie Kowalski

Age – 25

Location – San Antonio, Texas

Job – Unemployed

Personality traits – She seems to be of the token “Southern belle” variety: She’s very sweet, friendly and seems to be somewhat innocent about the game. She is also a hopeless romantic, and is down for finding a showmance if it is with the right person.

Strengths – Out of what we mentioned, being nice may be a huge asset right away. She is not someone that people will feel the need to nominate or get out of the game right away, even with there being three nominations this season. She may be able to also play naive and be more attentive than people realize.

Weaknesses – At the same time, she is also naive, and we have to question how Danielle is her favorite player. This sounds somewhat like she may have just watched part of last season to prepare, and never saw much on the live feeds given that Danielle’s biggest contribution to the game was winning a few challenges. We just don’t see her as someone who is there to play, and play hard.

Early prediction – We’re sure that Jessie will make it pretty far on the season, just on the basis of being a person that will be brought along in an alliance. We do have a hard time imagining that she will win, though, unless she gets to the end with someone who is extremely unlikable.

What do you think of Jessie will make it far in the game? Let us know what you think.

Photo: CBS



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