‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: One stoyline that could return

NCIS“NCIS” has obviously done quite a few things right in order to stay on the air for as long as they have, but clearly one of the more impressive things has to be the show’s ability to constantly bring back storylines from the past, and find a way to reintroduce them when and if the time is right. In not closing the door on some things, it gives fans something to look forward to, even if the waiting is at times rather frustrating.

So what is one of these such stories that could be brought back for season 11? The story of McGee’s father and his stage 4 cancer diagnosis. It is never an easy thing to talk about, but given the nature of the illness, this is something that has to be talked about again … right? While executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TVLine that there is nothing definite confirmed yet when it comes to the story, it does still seem to be on the pipeline:

“[The story] is certainly something that we’ve left open and that we’d like to revisit, not only dealing with the admiral’s health issues, but in terms of what their relationship is moving forward.”

It is easy to make the assumption that much of the show’s first few episodes will focus on the time jump over the summer, and what some of the characters (in particular Tony and Ziva) have been doing since we last saw them … and what could end up drawing the team back together. The McGee story really seems primed for a spot in either the November or February sweeps, which is when some of these emotional stories tend to be told.

If you do want to read some more Tony / Ziva news, we have some scoop on that, as well! Just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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