‘Big Brother 15’ houseguest spotlight: Nick Uhas

Nick UhasWe’re back from a busy afternoon celebrating all things “Big Brother 15,” including having an opportunity to interview a past winner in Rachel Reilly. So now, it’s time to kick off an annual tradition at CarterMatt with our houseguest spotlight articles! For every day leading up to the premiere, we will do our best to shine a light on one of the contestants entering the house this season, sharing our take on them and also how far they will make it into the game.

Want to read more of them? The sidebar to the right is your friend! (Also, be sure to visit the link here if you want to see all our most-recent “Big Brother 15” stories.) Our first houseguest is Nick Uhas, a man who certainly seems to think that he could do well in this game. We, however, are not anywhere near as positive.

Name – Nick Uhas

Age – 28

Location – New York City

Job – Entrepreneur

Personality – Extremely outgoing and ambitious, he’s a go-getter that seems unafraid of taking risks and mixing it up. From the standpoint of the game, he’s a great cast in that he will probably get bored being in the middle of an alliance that may or may not help him long-term.

Strengths – Easily his positive spirit, his drive, and also likely the fact that he is in reasonably good shape.

Weaknesses – We don’t know how he is going to be able to handle being stuck in the house a long time, and imagine that it is not going to work out particularly well for him. Also, he is very susceptible to being hit on by the ladies and manipulated to do what they want.

Early prediction – Nick will last a few weeks, and that’s probably it. He comes across a bit smarmy, and we imagine that he is either going to overplay his hand in doing too much too fast, or trust a woman who is going to completely eat him alive. We just don’t see that sort of inner confidence here, almost like he is too willing to please everyone rather than himself.

Photo: CBS


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